Why Retaining Walls Bulge

When a retaining wall begins to bulge, professional work must be done to stabilize and correct this hazard.  A bulging retaining wall is a very dangerous hazard on your property, and depending on the location, can cause serious, even deadly damage if it suddenly collapses. Retaining walls begin to bulge because the hydraulic pressure in […]

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Can Retaining Walls be Repaired in Winter

If you’re noticing cracks, loose stones, or severe bulges, contact the retaining walls pros at Herstad to help you with winter maintenance of your existing retaining wall. While winter is not the ideal time to work on retaining walls, there are a few benefits to having the pros manage any problems during the winter months. […]

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Deciduous Trees Make Your Landscaping a Bit More “Green”

Looking to make your landscaping just a little more “green” and low-maintenance?  Deciduous trees provide many positive benefits to improve your property’s value and beauty.   Deciduous trees help prevent erosion.  The extensive and fibrous root systems of native grasses and deciduous trees can hold the soil in place, and the trees themselves provide a […]

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Rain Gardens Help Control Erosion and Runoff

While we are typically expecting seasonal downpours during May, it’s a great time to highlight the value and beauty of a Rain Garden.  If you’ve never heard of a rain garden, you’re not alone.  Many people think about gardens for growing delicious herbs and vegetables, creating borders, and surrounding existing structures like sheds or trees, […]

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Spring Grass

Here in the midwest we’re all too ready for spring, and the wonderful experiences of being outdoors and enjoying our beautiful yards, gardens, patios, pools, and properties.  So here are some tips to help you get your lawn in great shape for spring and summer enjoyment! Seed your lawn as soon as possible. Water regularly. […]

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Create your perfect landscape by grouping plants according to size, sun and moisture requirements.

5 Tips for Spring Landscaping Projects

Successful landscaping projects require planning. If you’re looking to work on your yard this Spring, here are some things to consider so that you can have a successful landscaping project when you’re done. 1. Shade or Sun? Most plants that we like to have in our yards are sun-loving plants, but many people make the […]

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prepare your lawn for spring by addressing damage that may have occured during winter

Preparing Your Lawn for Spring

Here in Southern Wisconsin lawns are of course still dormant, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking about preparing your lawn for the thaw and spring rains. A lush, green lawn is one of the benefits of living in the Midwest region, and you can start now to make sure that your lawn is […]

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Winter Berries from ProvenWinner.com

Interesting Landscaping Ideas During Winter

White, grey, wet and dull.  If this describes your landscape in the winter here in the midwest, and you’re looking to add splashes of color, here are some great ideas! Trees with Colored Bark.  Even when the leaves are gone, these trees can provide a splash of color and interesting shapes to the monotone landscape. […]

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