Winterize Walkways and Patios

If you’re concerned about cracks and expansion of your walkways, driveways, and patio pavers during the winter months, contact us at Herstad for professional results to reduce damage to your hardscaped areas. Patio pavers (if unsealed) are porous and can collect moisture over the summer months.  During the freezing temperatures, this moisture becomes ice and […]

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Seal Pavers to Protect from UV

Summer’s almost here so if you’re planning on enjoying your patio all summer long – as you should – you may want to consider sealing your pavers now to protect them from UV damage during the summer months. When the suns rays are more direct during the summer months, the exposure of pavers to UV […]

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Keep your pavers beautiful even during the winter months.

Protecting Pavers During Freezing Weather

You’ve got beautiful hardscapes throughout your property, and you’ve got every intention of keeping them that way! Here are 4 helpful tips to protect your pavers from damage during freezing weather. 1. Don’t Apply Salt – The corrosive effect of salt can damage the surface of the pavers. An additional risk of using salt to […]

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