Potted Plants to Make Your Patio Pop

It’s summertime and we’re all enjoying being outdoors, soaking up the sun before the long winter months, so we thought it would be a great idea to help you create the most beautiful and colorful environment as you vacation in your own backyard.  Here are some of the best potted plants to place around your patio to really make your patio pop!

Yarrow!  While many consider this a weed, it’s actually a beautiful native perennial that blooms all summer and into the fall.  It can get up to 40 inches high, so think about planting Yarrow in some pots and placing it in areas (like edges or between sitting areas) where you are seeking to create a border or division on your patio.

Frost Asters are native to Illinois, so they’re right at home in our area.  Frost Asters can be potted (use potting soil) and, if properly pruned after flowering, can be kept in their pots indoors over the winter to bloom again next spring!  Frost Asters in a small pot are great in groupings with other potted plants, or as a centerpiece on an outdoor dining or coffee table.

Petunias are a favorite of everyone and they’re great for hanging baskets, window sill boxes, or other large pots as they love to spill and show off in as expansive an area as possible.  These are annuals, so you’re not likely to get them to stay in their pots over the winter, but you can try keeping them indoors.  Those with a green thumb have been known to have some success keeping petunias for several years.

We hope you’re enjoying your summertime, vacationing in your own backyard, and creating fun memories in all the outdoor spaces around your home.