Can Retaining Walls be Repaired in Winter

If you’re noticing cracks, loose stones, or severe bulges, contact the retaining walls pros at Herstad to help you with winter maintenance of your existing retaining wall.

image of properly engineered retaining wall

Retaining walls that are properly engineered should NOT create excess runoff during freezing and thawing cycles of winter months.

While winter is not the ideal time to work on retaining walls, there are a few benefits to having the pros manage any problems during the winter months.

  • First, the schedule is not as hectic, and you’re likely to get someone on site pretty quickly.  During the spring and summer months, sometimes our clients must wait, but during the winter, it’s likely we can be out to help you within days.
  • The second reason to call us during the winter months is that you will more likely notice if there is a problem due to excess water runoff during the winter months.  Heavy snowfall and subsequent melting and re-freezing can illustrate clearly if there is excess water running off your property and taking valuable topsoil with it.
  • A final reason to contact us for repair to your retaining wall during the winter months is that you will notice any new cracks developing from freezing water expanding behind the wall and causing new cracks.  If you are noticing water seeping out of the retaining wall, contact Al and the pros at Herstad and we can have a look and make sure your property is safe until complete repairs can be accomplished.

Don’t wait until spring to call us!  If you have concerns about the integrity of your retaining wall, call us NOW and let us have a look and get a time scheduled to help you keep your property safe and beautiful!