Deciduous Trees Make Your Landscaping a Bit More “Green”

Looking to make your landscaping just a little more “green” and low-maintenance?  Deciduous trees provide many positive benefits to improve your property’s value and beauty.


image of two trees in a yard

Deciduous trees help prevent erosion.  The extensive and fibrous root systems of native grasses and deciduous trees can hold the soil in place, and the trees themselves provide a break from heavy rains, protecting the surrounding soil from being directly impacted and washed away during severe storms.  For example, a 45′ White Oak will intercept over 7,200 Gallons of stormwater runoff on average each year!  Wow!


Deciduous trees attract wildlife, creating a balanced eco-system in your yard.  Biodiversity on your property can create a healthful environment for not only your family but for plants and animals as well.  Trees provide shelter, safety and places to raise young for many insects and birds.  Additionally, the berries and shade from the trees attract a variety of animals.


Deciduous trees require less maintenance and less use of potentially harmful chemicals.  Low-maintenance trees and shrubs provide visual boundaries along property lines, and can even help you create sections throughout your property to enjoy various activities like a BBQ area, around the pool, and a patio are with fire pit!  Imagine the possibilities, and all with very little maintenance and a long life-span.


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