This Winter Be Thankful for Your Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are essential for the protection of property and easements during the winter months.  We and other hardscaping companies have been working hard all spring, summer and autumn building safe, secure, quality retaining walls that will withstand winter’s heavy moisture and abusive temperatures, and provide protection for your property.  So here’s some interesting information […]

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Can Retaining Walls be Repaired in Winter

If you’re noticing cracks, loose stones, or severe bulges, contact the retaining walls pros at Herstad to help you with winter maintenance of your existing retaining wall. While winter is not the ideal time to work on retaining walls, there are a few benefits to having the pros manage any problems during the winter months. […]

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Retaining Wall Signs of Water Damage

If you’re concerned that your existing retaining wall is not draining properly, holding too much moisture behind the wall, please contact us today.  We can inspect and offer an estimate for repair or replacement of your existing retaining wall. Here are a few signs your retaining wall may need repair or replacement: Weep holes are […]

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Winterize Walkways and Patios

If you’re concerned about cracks and expansion of your walkways, driveways, and patio pavers during the winter months, contact us at Herstad for professional results to reduce damage to your hardscaped areas. Patio pavers (if unsealed) are porous and can collect moisture over the summer months.  During the freezing temperatures, this moisture becomes ice and […]

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Keep your pavers beautiful even during the winter months.

Protecting Pavers During Freezing Weather

You’ve got beautiful hardscapes throughout your property, and you’ve got every intention of keeping them that way! Here are 4 helpful tips to protect your pavers from damage during freezing weather. 1. Don’t Apply Salt – The corrosive effect of salt can damage the surface of the pavers. An additional risk of using salt to […]

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Winter Berries from

Interesting Landscaping Ideas During Winter

White, grey, wet and dull.  If this describes your landscape in the winter here in the midwest, and you’re looking to add splashes of color, here are some great ideas! Trees with Colored Bark.  Even when the leaves are gone, these trees can provide a splash of color and interesting shapes to the monotone landscape. […]

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Erecting Barriers Around Trees Can Help Prevent Damage From Deer During the Winter

4 Tips for Reducing Deer Damage to Trees During the Winter Months

The best overall strategy for protecting your trees and shrubs from animal browsing is to reduce areas of habitat and erect physical barriers to prevent them from getting to your plants.   Here are 4 great tips to help you minimize deer damage to your shrubs and trees this winter.      Use Stacks of Chopped […]

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Coral Bark Japanese Maple Image courtesy of

6 Tips for Protecting Lawn and Shrubs from Freeze

6 tips to help protect shrubs, lawn and trees prior to and during the winter months. Winter sun, wind and cold temperatures can bleach and dry out evergreen foliage, damage bark, injure or kill branches, flower buds, and roots. Snow and ice can break branches and topple entire trees. Salt used for deicing streets, sidewalks and parking […]

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