Retaining Wall Signs of Water Damage

If you’re concerned that your existing retaining wall is not draining properly, holding too much moisture behind the wall, please contact us today.  We can inspect and offer an estimate for repair or replacement of your existing retaining wall.

Here are a few signs your retaining wall may need repair or replacement:

Weep holes are not free-running – They CAN get blocked.  If you have little plants growing out of retaining wall gaps that’s not a good sign.  These weep holes need to remain not just open, but clear so that excess water can escape without putting too much weight on pressure on the wall from behind.

Vertical Cracks at the Openings – This can indicate too much pressure behind the wall that happens especially during frost / freezing and thawing cycles.  These cracks weaken the structural integrity of the wall, creating a potentially dangerous situation.

Bulging or Leaning – The footings of the wall are likely too shallow and this is a very dangerous situation.  If your retaining wall is bulging or leaning, please contact us immediately so that we can help you prevent further damage to your property and a potentially dangerous collapse.