Protecting Pavers During Freezing Weather

Keep your pavers beautiful even during the winter months.

You’ve got beautiful hardscapes throughout your property, and you’ve got every intention of keeping them that way! Here are 4 helpful tips to protect your pavers from damage during freezing weather.

1. Don’t Apply Salt – The corrosive effect of salt can damage the surface of the pavers. An additional risk of using salt to de-ice pavers that the salt can wash down into the cracks of the pavers, freezing, thawing, and re-freezing over and over again, potentially causing discoloration.

2. Inspect Ingredients in De-Icing Products – Many of these products contain salt, so make sure that you’re reading labels before you apply to pavers in driveways, walkways, and steps.

3. Be Gentle – Since you can’t de-ice with salt, manual labor must be applied, but be gentle. Use a plastic shovel or snowblower to remove snow and ice from paved areas of your property. A metal shovel can cause scrapes, and if your pavers are sealed (we highly recommend during all installations), snow and other debris is easily removed with a plastic shovel or snowblower.

4. Use a Simple Solution – Can you believe a simple solution of water and dish soap will effectively clean stains off pavers? Don’t resort to harsh chemicals if you can help it. Dirt, oil, grease, pet waste, and other common stains are removed simply and effectively with soapy water and a little elbow grease.

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