Seal Pavers to Protect from UV

Summer’s almost here so if you’re planning on enjoying your patio all summer long – as you should – you may want to consider sealing your pavers now to protect them from UV damage during the summer months.

When the suns rays are more direct during the summer months, the exposure of pavers to UV is more intense.  Sealing pavers can help reduce their exposure to UV and provide that “wet” look that can simulate a cooler environment.  If you are going for the more natural look of weathered stone, don’t seal pavers.

Sealing pavers is not a DIY if you have never done it before or if you have no experience.  The reason we don’t recommend DIY for this project, especially the first time, is that pavers must be absolutely dry, clean, and free of “efflorescence” which can be present on the surface for the first few months after concrete is installed (or pavers over concrete).  Our experienced hardscape pros will make sure the surface is prepped immaculately so that the sealant goes on smooth an adheres directly to the surface of the pavers.

We hope this summer you will enjoy vacationing in your own backyard, and if you’re looking to enhance your patio before summer ramps up, give us a call here at Herstad Landscaping and we will help you enjoy the full outdoor life you love. 608-921-5349 or email