Outdoor Fireplace to Enjoy All Winter

As compared to a small fire pit, and outdoor fireplace, some comfy furniture with overstuffed cushions, and blankets, can provide enough warmth so that you can still enjoy some of our cold winter evenings out under the stars.

An outdoor fireplace can provide an “anchor” for your outdoor space when placed at the edge of a patio or at the end of a walkway, or even in a corner section.  However, an outdoor fireplace doesn’t always necessarily need to be contained to one opening.  Placing an outdoor fireplace in a corner with two openings, or even in a central area with openings all around can create a warm welcoming place to sit and relax even throughout the winter months.

Unlike an outdoor firepit, an outdoor fireplace is constructed so that the material burning is elevated off the ground, and smoke is directed up and out of a chimney.  However, many people feel an outdoor fireplace doesn’t allow for getting as close as a fire pit, and this is a valid point.  An outdoor fireplace can provide a gathering space like a cozy room as opposed to a “meeting” feeling of surrounding a fire pit.  Also, an outdoor fireplace can be built into other structures like outdoor pergolas or pavilions and since the fire is contained it can be enjoyed even in more inhospitable weather than an exposed fire pit.  So there are benefits to both options.

Either way you go, Herstad can provide professional experience to create a safe, beautiful outdoor room you can enjoy by the warmth of a fire all year round.  Call us today.  608-921-5349