Fire Pit Safety During Winter Celebrations

We’re all starting to enjoy the cooler weather and invite loved ones and friends over to sit by the fire and look at the stars.  Fire pits are hugely popular and one of the most requested features of many of the outdoor patios we install, but our professional installers always think safety first when considering the location and installation of fire pits.  Here are some tips to help keep you and your loved ones safe around the fire pit during all your celebrations.

  • A 10 foot radius from any other structure is an acceptable minimum distance for the placement of a fire pit.
  • Minimum of 10 foot radius from any compost piles, leaf piles, garden sheds containing chemicals, etc.
  • The area over the fire pit should be clear of any tree branches, awnings, overhangs, or outdoor pergola structures.
  • Fire pits should be installed on a hard surface such as concrete or pavers.  A fire pit should never be placed on a wooden deck, grass, or leafy ground.  (Yes, “dirt” can burn and conduct heat to tree and plant roots which can also begin to burn.)
  • The minimum depth of a fire pit should be 7 inches, with at least 12 inches from the center to any point of the container.

For safety during the use of your fire pit, a good dose of common sense is in order.  Remove ashes from previous uses before igniting a new fire.  Never use combustible liquids or wear combustible clothing near a fire pit.  If it’s windy, find some other way to enjoy the evening… don’t start a fire outdoors in windy conditions.  Keep a charged garden hose nearby for safety.  Kids and pets ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with a fire pit.  Extinguish the fire completely before leaving the area.

For a beautiful, safe outcome, have your firepit professionally installed by Herstad. Give us a call today. 608-921-5349