Spring Grass

Here in the midwest we’re all too ready for spring, and the wonderful experiences of being outdoors and enjoying our beautiful yards, gardens, patios, pools, and properties.  So here are some tips to help you get your lawn in great shape for spring and summer enjoyment! Seed your lawn as soon as possible. Water regularly. […]

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Prevent Melting Snow From Seeping Into Basement

As snow begins to melt if you notice too much water pooling in areas of your yard, or if water is pooling near the foundation or flowing toward the dwelling rater than away from the dwelling, some landscaping projects may be in order for springtime. Proper land grading, use of mulch and plants, or using […]

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Create your perfect landscape by grouping plants according to size, sun and moisture requirements.

5 Tips for Spring Landscaping Projects

Successful landscaping projects require planning. If you’re looking to work on your yard this Spring, here are some things to consider so that you can have a successful landscaping project when you’re done. 1. Shade or Sun? Most plants that we like to have in our yards are sun-loving plants, but many people make the […]

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